Coffee Forthright!

What happens when you are having blood-work done in the morning which requires fasting?  Well, if you are me you apparently dismember Sondheim.

To the tune of Comedy Tonight

Bring Coffee Forthright!

Something inviting, something enticing,
Something for everyone,  bring coffee forthright!
Something that’s waking as morning is breaking
Something to greet the sun, some coffee forthright!

Nothing that’s weak!  Not watered down!
As fit for a king as it is for a clown,


Age old libations, new situations without which it’s hard to be polite!
Coffee this morning! Alcohol tonight!


Something disarming when clocks are alarming

You’ll be my favorite son, bring coffee forthright!

when you feel pathetic, it makes you frenetic

something for everyone, bring coffee forthright!


Drink of the Gods! To help meet your fate!
Other affairs will just have to wait.


Restore social graces for safer workplaces

Drink some and everything’s alright!

Live to see tomorrow!  Bring coffee forthright!

Author: Kevin

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