Sometimes I wonder if the astrologers have a point.  It’s hard to conceive of a planet 50 million miles away having an effect on the goings on in life, but something seems to bundle events.  Something seems to be the catalyst for change, and once it starts, it spreads to parts of your life that are totally unrelated.  Frankly, a planet in retrograde makes just about as much sense as anything else.

The task this year has been to hold on.  The idea of a journal, well intended as it may be, fell to the wayside as I finished my Master of Public Administration, lost an aunt, visited the family, lost a cat, gained a dog, and tried varied in interesting new ways of using health insurance.  Somewhere along the way, the seasons turned.

I can actually tell you exactly when it happened.  Graduation.  The whites and greys of winter had melted, leaving the golden remains of autumn for all to see.  Then, the day I received my Master’s hood, the budding leaves hit critical mass on the mountains behind my house.  Green.  Such lively, vibrant colors.  Shades of green beyond description set off the remaining gold on the ground.  Green and gold.  The school colors for UAA.  It was a fantastic day.

Author: Kevin

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