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I will get back to writing down my original thoughts soon.  For now, I will redirect you to another blog, and ask that you go read in tribute to a friend who died last week.

Ron played a large role in my childhood, and certainly in my education as to what adulthood was really all about.  Whether his stories were true or not, whether he believed his conspiracy theories or not, he was a brilliant man who taught me to look at things a different way.

My years at Saint Olaf College taught me to frame my thoughts in thesis, antithesis and synthesis, always looking to logically check myself and my assumptions.  Ron was there to remind me that the very mental discipline it takes to check your own work is itself a trap.  You can go over the same problem in your head over and over, but sometimes you just need to take some black-powder up to Castle Hill, fire off the old cannons at 3:00 AM, and see what happens.

As for adequately describing the man himself, words honestly fail me.  For that, I ask you to hop on over to John Straley’s blog, where you can read his much more eloquent hand and meet my departed friend.


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