New to the fair

Sing to me an ancient song,
Add modern words, I’ll sing along,
We’ll dance a dance passed down through time,
To the sound of our ancient, modern rhyme
We’ll talk about our mutual friends
An open circle never ends,
We’re joined by easy vibrant strands
As our web of friendship, it expands.

The past and future gather here,
For all who care to gather near
The fiddle calls the dancer’s round
As accordions and banjos sound
A caller calls us out to dance,
Around the maypole, children prance
Now as closing time draws near
I’m blessed by you all gathered near.

I thank you for the time we’ve spent
Though the time it was not long.
I thank you for companionship,
For dancing and for song!
I thank you for the time we’ve spent,
And time we’ve yet to spend.
But most of all I’m thankful that I can call you friend.

Author: Kevin

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