New friends

As I climb into the spacious skis,
Above the fruited plains I rise
Fresh hellos, and sad goodbyes
Old friendships born anew.
An asphalt spider web below
Stretches out too and fro,
Street lights keep it all aglow,
And I search the cars for you.

Though we haven’t known each other long
With some folks you just feel like you belong,
You feel the need at least for one more song,
When you know the road ahead of you is long
And I must admit I can not comprehend
The different ways our lives and stories wend.
Or why I’m certain that we’ll meet again,
Or why I know I’ve found in you a friend.

All too soon I’m way to high
I wave to you a soft goodbye
You may see me in the sky
As you drive to somewhere new
This plane will take me far away,
You car will dive you on your way
It’s the nomad’s price we pay,
“Hello and adieu”

And though it’s sad to go our separate ways
I’ve not seen my own bed for days
And though I’ll go anywhere that pays
a girl back home that fills me with clichés’
And I haven’t seen her in quite awhile,
It’s too long since I’ve seen her smile
I’ll share with you many a mile…
but at home I have to rest awhile.

At home I have to rest awhile.

Author: Kevin

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