Ellen Sutphin

I knew Ellen while I was wearing several hats:

As we traveled, she was a curious and insightful partner, helping me see the world through a different set of eyes.

As I produced, she was a solid member of my team, reliable and steady. She provided craft services for 400 people, even when it involved taking more abuse than she should have from our cast and crew. Even when my disorganization let her down, she came back and came through.

As a new father, she gave me tools to calm down an upset infant. She helped me understand what he did not have the language to tell me.

But I’ll miss her most as a friend. Whitty, whimsical, serious, and always willing to remain friends after she called me out on something.

Every year when we close out our fair, we do so knowing that we will not see someone at our next opening. Somehow, I never expected the person we would not see to be you, Ellen. God bless, and safe home.

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