Darkness and Light

We are coming into the dark part of the year.  The equinox behind us, there is more hours of darkness than hours of light, but light still reigns.  There is no measure for darkness.  We measure darkness by what is not there.  On dark nights, we navigate by the light that remains.  THAT light is constant; sometimes hidden by the stars, but still there.

A modern 747 still has a place in the cockpit to enable the use of a sextant.  It’s now called a “smoke evacuation port,” and the hardware for the sextant is no longer present, but the age of jet still relied on light out of darkness to find the way.  Over an unchanging ocean, it was the best way to find the way.

There is very little point to this rambling.  Mostly I am announcing that my webpage is up and running again, and checking to make sure that everything posts as it should.

Author: Kevin

2 thoughts on “Darkness and Light

  1. This seems an opportune moment to share that my father in law likes to joke that the front of your car does not have headlights, it has dark absorbers.

    1. I suppose that’s why cars seem to drive so much faster at night. They are pulled along by their dark absorbers. The more dark absorbers they have, the faster they seem to blow by you.

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