Fixing the market

I was thinking about the long-term effects of the ACA (Obamacare), and there is one thing that strikes me as potentially very big, but I have not read much about it.

One of the advantages the United States has traditionaly had over Europe is a very mobile population. With no passports between states, people can move to where the opportunity is, and sometimes do with very dramatic results (think the ’49 gold-rush, the current oil rush going to North Dakota, or the flood of workers getting temporary work rebuilding after Sandy). With Europe opening its internal borders, this advantage has been somewhat blunted (but only somewhat, there is a very large matter of scale).

The ACA, by removing preexisting conditions, is removing a strong incentive for many people to stay in their jobs. As our economy improves, and as we see more jobs available, do you anticipate a more mobile workforce?

Author: Kevin

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