For those of you who tend to read into my entries, don’t panic. I felt the need to write a song, and asked Sarah to give me a word. Sarah, dear Sarah gave me… vertigo. Gee. Thanks. As always, I retain copyright to this song, this is very much a first draft, and is very subject to change. The third section is a complete break from the first two, in both melody and meter. It is much faster and much more frenetic. There is a retard that covers the fourth section. A tempo after the fourth. The song requires a lot more orchestration than most of my work; it may be a poem forever.

In the morning, I get out of bed; the coffee has been made,
The dishes cleaned by another machine while my bills are auto-payed.
Fresh bread bakes in a bread machine as I pour some lemonade,
I look to my computer where the headlines are displayed.
The microwave cooks my eggs while I take the time to shave,
So where the hell is all this time that these things are supposed to save?
I’ve been often told I’d do quite well if only I’d behave,
I’ve done my time, just to find it’s something else I crave.

I’m wallowing in discontent and I can’t tell you why.
I fell trapped, and I can’t explain no matter how I try,
If someone suggests I might need help, I can only but deny.
But I need help now. I need a friend, with friends in short supply.
Every path I look down now, I see a new dead end.
Every bridge that I have burned used to be a friend
I can’t help but feel alone, as downward I descend
A panicked madness rends a mind I fear will never mend.

I don’t know where to start when everything’s entwined
All theses thoughts are giving me vertigo of mind,
I’m running through a labyrinth my every move confined,
I try to get more ahead but I’m falling more behind,
If I look into my future I’m afraid of what I’ll find,
I fall into a melting heap and pray for someone kind.

You come to me you read my mind
You read my mind and understand
You understand and take my hand
You take my hand and suddenly
And suddenly,
And suddenly,
And suddenly,

It’ll all be fine,

Given time.

And we’ve got time.

Please give me time.

You’ve come across a bridge I swore I burned so long ago
I thought that all our friendship was but flowers in the snow.
Why you chose to come back now I really do not know,
I cannot see myself as worthy of blessings you bestow.
You tell me what has passed between us happened in the past.
Even icy tundra in the spring is green with grass.
I tell you I feel fragile, like fine Venetian glass.
You tell me to quit whining now, and get up off my ass,

A velvet glove you offer me, around a rock hard hand.
You tell me that you know my pain; you say you understand.
You help me get up to my feet, then alone you make me stand.
I take a few steps by my self, and that’s all that you demand.
You are right beside me as I fell my courage wane
Your simple stop to aid a friend now feels like a campaign
But with you confidence in me in I know I can maintain,
And with your help, my dear true fiend, or my life again I’ll reign.

Author: Kevin

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