It goes without saying that I maintain a copyright on this and all my other poetry. This song is also less than an hour old. It is not a final product yet, so I welcome any and all comments in it’s formation.

Home is where the heart is, but where the hell’s the heart?
I’m looking for a new home now, just don’t know where to start.
I’ve been pondering a scary thought, a thought that might be true,
I think my home, I think my heart, just might well be with you.

You might be a new career, or just a place to stay.
A thing to do to pass the time, or watch it pass away.
A job, a friend, a new song penned, a story formed anew,
If you would give me peace of mind, I would give my life to you.

I sit here feeling homeless, in a solid well built house.
I haven’t found my reason here, a job, a life or spouse.
I guess until I find my home, I’ll have to just make-do
until I find out what you are, and spend my time with you.

Author: Kevin

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