Kevin’s Modern Fairy Tale

I was just out of college when I wrote this…  I had a job sweeping a warehouse.  My life was… not turning out exactly how I had planned.


A knight’s care for a maiden fair,
A dream for both in love to share.
A courtship shared by me and you,
A love shared, both brave and true.
Gallant deeds, and joyous laughter,
and, finally, a “happy ever after.”
We remember children’s stories well,
And try and live a fairy tale.

As I drove to work today,
the fairy tale seemed far away.
During work the dream was clear,
that I’d come home to find you here.
But I came home to find, today,
a meeting held you in its sway.
I understand all too well,
This doesn’t fit the fairy tale.

We’re Held together by shared dreams,
We’re Held apart by separate schemes.
Separate lives, separate days,
a shared path, but separate ways.
But with friendship, love and with care,
there’s still so much more in life we share.
So if the tales can’t fit us well,
we’ll write our own damn fairy tale

A nightly prayer for a lover’s care,
A dream, a life, a love to share.
The water is wide, this much is true,
we’ll row together, we’ll make it through
With shared deeds, with shared laughter,
And yes, a “happy ever after.”
A partnership that fits us well,
as we write a modern fairy tale.


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Author: Kevin

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