Home again. Finally.

This last month, I learned that you can’t go home again because home is not a place you can go to. Home is something you build with your loved ones. It’s a peace of mind, not a piece of geography.

My wife, son, and I stayed with my parents for three weeks. The need for social distancing meant that we saw very few other people, while the realities of the pandemic meant we could do so while still working from home. According to my employer, home is not a piece of geography, but the end of a VPN from my office. That can be Sitka as easily as it is Eagle River.

So, I spent three weeks with my wife in the town that raised me, watching my son discover the geography I discovered 40 years ago. And for those three weeks, for the first time since College, Sitka was home again. The piece of geography was finally connected to my peace of mind.

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